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Life at NBPL

Team Members are the core aspect of NBPL competitive advantage. We attract and retain key talents with a high level of expertise and know how, who can propel our business.

NBPL invest in people:

NBPL is committed in maintaining a workplace where all team members can optimize their performance as a team. Our CSR activities, Corporate Events such as New Year, Diwali, Family Days, Parties, Training, Workshops, and Seminars etc have helped us to strengthen member’s engagement and inculcate our corporate culture, which distinguishes us as an ideal place to work.

Teambuilding activities are organized in order to motivate our members and continuously increase their performance by exploring new ways of collaborating towards a common target. Such events provide our people an opportunity to stay tuned with the company’s corporate strategy, become familiar with our success stories, and remain connected by getting to know each other.

Because of his high values, morals & ethics, he is a kind of personality who is looked upon with esteem regards & respect.

Acquisition, Nurturing, Developing Skills & Talent

The word “Man Power” which signifies Power of an individual behind developing a company & when this “Man Power” gels into as a Team, it becomes “Team Power” which drives company to the zenith.

Our Members are the true source of our overall growth and innovations. We attract, train and retain candidates who share high levels of expertise and know how and go through a series of competency based interviews and assessment tests that are aligned with our fundamental corporate values, such as Integrity, Innovation, Achievement Orientation, Customer Service Orientation, Leadership, Teamwork, Change Management and Initiative.

NBPL being a young, Juvenile & progressive company in the global market, makes us even more committed to the development of our people. Our Colleagues & team members are the driving force behind our success; our key priority is to maintain a working environment where all employees are constantly aware of their contribution to the company’s objectives.

At NBPL, we encourage all our colleagues to participate in their career‐development plan and we help them keep track of their performance through continuous feedback.

At NBPL, we also invest in training & development programs, such as in‐house courses, international programs, coaching and mentoring, symposiums, seminars and conferences.

NBPL has a range of unique and expert solutions to help one succeed in the quest for a higher level of physical and emotional well-being.

NBPL dedicated team of highly experienced and dynamic professionals make sure that the high-quality products reach a wide market, offering the best value for its customers and consumers. NBPL’s motivating and professional work atmosphere transforms every team member into a peerless achiever.

Health & Safety

At NBPL, the Health & Safety is of utmost importance. The timely control and improvement of our infra-structure, we ensure and maintain safe working environment. As a result, the company has low indicators of high potential incidents.

Work Culture

NBPL encourages great work culture and promotes good work-life balance. The best breed of talented colleagues keeps motivating you to do your best which brings lot of positive energy in the team. With flexible working hours, it is needless to say that work and fun go hand in hand. Complete transparency helps you focus on your work. All in all, it’s just an awesome place and an excellent step to burgeon your career.

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