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Formulation and
Product Development

We have been working relentlessly to explore health supplements that has potential to make life better. With manufacturing few of the high value Nutraceutical extracts and their finished formulation, we have been pioneers behind breakthroughs of some of the extraordinary formulations which can help elevate living standards of patients.

We are determined that our novel finding will make human life better, and hence we are working in close proximity with very established researchers across the globe. The determined NuVvaGen Bioscience (P) Ltd researchers work tirelessly at the F&D facility to discover new methods/novel ingredients for formulating Dietary supplements, its efficacy and controlled delivery of such medicines, that will help solve world’s greatest health challenges.

Approach to
Research Development

We understand the value of R&D and we relentlessly work towards achieving the best and thereby giving the importance of creating value for our stakeholders. The R&D process is not limited to only designing novel products, but also in all fields such as Sales/Marketing, Packaging, Fast Delivery to customer, etc.

We invest on our most valuable assets; namely top-class eminent researchers who are working tirelessly to research and develop 'potential active natural medicinal ingredient' faster than ever before. We always strive to complement this work with the best research approach outside the company.

Primary focus is to deliver effective solutions in all therapeutic areas: Bone health, Gut health, Skin/Hair/Nail health, Blood Sugar management, Neuro/Brain health, Sports support, Cardiac anti-oxidant, Women/Men health, Sports Nutrition, Oncology, Anti-inflammatory support, etc. Our main aim is to design Formulations for Enhancement of bioavailability, better Assimilation, Absorption and Bio utilization of dietary Ingredients.

We are developing formulations where we can restrict chemical preservatives and use more natural preservatives. We also thrive to develop a mechanism to formulate products that can avoid degradation and inter-reactions of ingredients, thereby increasing shelf life and providing better functional dosage. Re-formulating the approved products into other physical Finished Dosage is a task that we work on daily basis.

How we work?

Our R&D team have routine meetings with NuVvaGen's Business development team, customer representative and technical team for preliminary understanding of market requirement like product type, therapeutic segment, health application, dosage, product delivery form, target population, FDA/MOH compliance, Active molecular selection, stability requirement and other technical specifications.

Prepare the sample in the form of Oral solids, Liquid orals, Liquid Sprays, topical for the customer.

Develop the Preliminary tech packs, product dossiers, product registration documents with the support of regulatory and quality team.

Support the regulatory team to obtain the licences, certificates, clearances from domestic and international statutory bodies before technology transfer and scale-up production.

As part of the development process for active substances of both natural and synthetic origin, NuVvaGen Bioscience (P) Ltd and our partners sponsor clinical and toxicology studies to help determine safety and efficacy of health supplements; and with the intent of learning more about treatment options, disease states, diagnostics, and other associated issues that contribute to the health and well-being of consumers. We are also working in making Premixes more stable in terms of Degradation and inter reactions between ingredients.